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American Telesource International

Bayer Pharmaceutical

Conducted diversity research within the sales department and designed diversity programs to address the discovered needs.

Bomar Engineering Corporation


General Electric Corporation

Engines Division and Bomar Engineering - Integration of infra-red and laser-based visual spectrum inspection hardware and software systems from the research and development environment to the manufacturing environment for U.S. Air Force aircraft engine parts

H.B. Zachary

Software Office Automation Training

Insite Architects

Improvement of architectural methods by implementing a distributed computing environment


Develop and support a QA and testing program for wireless LAN products

Southwest Research Institue

Database analysis, design and restructuring Houston TXDOT database.


Project 1: Design and development of medical tracking system using optical card and database technology.

Project 2: Developing a computer-imaging system for a local manufacturing process.

Texas Hobby Distributing

Consulted in the development of a system to increase the efficiency of warehouse, inventory and invoicing procedures by use of computer automation

Washington Mutual

System Architecture and Systems Design Conversion of mortgage servicing system



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